PNA Thanks Fire & Police

Corporal David Kenyon along with Officers Daniel Simmons and Sean Kennedy of the Springfield Police Department, are recognized by President of Phelps Grove Association, Eric Pauly

On October 11, 2016 at the monthly board meeting, the Phelps Neighborhood Association had the honor of recognizing two groups of neighbors. The Springfield Fire Department at Station Number One, as well as the Springfield Police Department from the M.S.U. Substation.

Lieutenant Craig Schmucker, Captain Eric Latimer, and Battalion Chief Scott Jones (not shown) receive plaque of appreciation presented on October 11, 2016 from the Phelps Grove Neighborhood Association.

Both of these neighbors have had a long-lasting, positive impact on Phelps Grove Neighborhood and work with the association on issues concerning the neighborhood. The Phelps Neighborhood Association is very proud to thank both Police and Fire with a plaque for each department recognizing the hard work, dedication and bravery they display as both Fire and Police partner with us to maintain the peaceful quality of life we enjoy in Phelps Grove.

Thank you to our first responders!  We appreciate your service and dedication.

Eric Pauly
President - Phelps Grove Association

Trees are a precious resource

Trees are a precious resource

What’s your curb appeal worth?  Trees are not only beautiful, provide much need filtration of our atmosphere, and welcome shade on a sunny summer’s day, but mature trees also add 7% - 19% to your home’s value.  That’s about $18,000 of value on a $150,000 home.  The Phelps Grove neighborhood’s charm is, perhaps more than any other single asset, based upon its beautiful old-growth canopies shading the lawns of the homes in the area.

Trees can be work with the annual raking of fall leaves, but perhaps homeowners should take note – it’s better to mow and mulch the leaves rather than rake them.

The Last Detail - Part 1

Curb appeal. A term used by real estate agents and others to describe how inviting a home looks from street level.  The uniqueness of the Phelps Grove Neighborhood allows us all to highlight the individuality of our homes. Be it a large front porch, bricked walkway, or architectural details that are no longer financially feasible to modern construction techniques.