The South's Ten-Best Comeback Neighborhoods

In 2010, Southern Living magazine named Phelps Grove Neighborhood one of "The South's Best Comeback Neighborhoods."  Developed in the early 1900s, Phelps Grove streets are lined with large trees and many properties proudly display plantings nourished over many decades.  

The area is known for its central location, moderately priced housing, and the ambience found in a well-cared for older neighborhood.  In addition to the cultural and entertainment opportunities at Missouri State University, the Phelps Grove Neighborhood is home to Phelps Grove Park and the Springfield Art Museum, making cultural and recreational activities within easy walking distance for residents.

You don’t see that kind of cohesive, tight-knit grass-roots coming together, but that’s the way it should be. It’s a great example of what neighbors can do when they work together.
— Rex Perry, Building Editor; Southern Living

Phelps Grove is an Urban Conservation District

The Phelps Grove Neighborhood was established as an urban conservation district in 1997.  An urban conservation district is a zoning designation and can be used to replace all or some of zoning restrictions.  It can also be used to enact new regulations for an area.   Areas may only be designated urban conservation districts after preparation of an urban conservation district plan (neighborhood plan).

The neighborhood plan includes a "Cooperative Agreement between the City of Springfield and Southwest Missouri State University."  This agreement is a written plan on where and how and when MSU will develop into our neighborhood.  The plan deals with many other issues that will help our neighborhood continue to strengthen the character of the neighborhood. A copy of this plan is available from the City of Springfield's Neighborhood Conservation Dept. 417-864-1033.

Where is Phelps Grove Neighborhood?

Located in mid-town, Springfield, Missouri.  Phelps Grove is bordered by Grand Street on the North, National Avenue on the east, Bennett and Brookside to the south, and Jefferson Avenue on the west.  Phelp Grove is only minutes to practically anywhere in Springfield.