An Autumn Walk through History

Just west of the Phelps Grove neighborhood is a Springfield treasure.  Originally called Maple Shade Cemetery and now Maple Park Cemetery, it was founded in the late 1800s.  It's a pleasant walk any time of year, but this fall's fiery leaves give its namesake the autumnal respect it deserves.

It's a walk through time with many gravestones marked from the mid 1800s through present day, including prominent figures like Davis Tutt who was killed by Wild Bill Hickok on the Springfield downtown square back July of 1865.  Tutt's gravesite was moved to Maple Park from City Cemetery in 1883.

Enjoy the trees. It's the vision of our forebears that provide the rich and colorful shade we enjoy today.  With that thought - please plant trees.  Imagine the enjoyment future generations will have due to your foresite.  

Enjoy the photos below taken November 20, 2016 - shot with an iPhone 5

Please do not use photographs without written permission.  Thank you.