Trees are a precious resource


And don't bag the leaves; mow them up for a healthier lawn!

What’s your curb appeal worth?  Trees are not only beautiful, provide much need filtration of our atmosphere, and welcome shade on a sunny summer’s day, but mature trees also add 7% - 19% to your home’s value.  That’s about $18,000 of value on a $150,000 home.  The Phelps Grove neighborhood’s charm is, perhaps more than any other single asset, based upon its beautiful old-growth canopies shading the lawns of the homes in the area.

Trees can be work with the annual raking of fall leaves, but perhaps homeowners should take note – it’s better to mow and mulch the leaves rather than rake them.  It’s true!  The leaves will completely biodegrade within weeks and return valuable nutrients to the soil.  After a couple of years with his practice your lawn is naturally healthier.  The decaying vegetation also provide support of organisms in the soil that keep your lawn healthy. Learn more here.

But trees needs some care and love occasionally, so don’t skimp on maintenance.  Fertilizing trees in the late fall, or better yet, Springtime in mid-April in southern Missouri, can replace vital nutrients and help trees ward off attacks from insects or disease.  Here is a great, short article on how to fertilize for healthier and even more beautiful trees in your yard.