The Last Detail: Part 2

While removing 90 years and multiple layers of paint from the HVAC vents in my home, I began to see a level of detail in the mechanics not found in today’s construction.  The pride in workmanship of the product, the brilliant ways mechanical solutions were devised to make life more comfortable, the artistic approach to the end product so it was more visually appealing to the customer. These things were not accomplished with shiny, cheap plastic but with a thoughtful approach to functionality and aesthetics.

Though they may seem inconsequential, the glass door knobs, brass barrel hinges, wooden floor crates all add up to the overall unique character of our homes. Drawing attention to this level of detail only makes your home more special.

A home may have its original coal chute still attached.  Many in Phelps Grove where manufactured by a company called “Majestic”. This company designed a locking mechanism on the door which allowed the home owner security from unwanted entry while still allowing the coal to be delivered.

It’s a culmination of these small things which add up to special uniqueness of our neighborhood.