Phelps Neighborhood Association

"Our mission is to make our neighborhood a safe, peaceful, and enjoyable place to live, a neighborhood of friends working together for the benefit of all residents."

The Phelps Neighborhood Association, or PNA is a Springfield recognized neighborhood association. As one of the first of its kind, the PNA has been instrumental in the way a neighborhood association works.  Our long standing history has allowed us to build relationships with the city and M.S.U. to include our Urban Conservation District designation, storm water rectification, and support of the city’s Chapter 74 codes.

As a neighborhood association we have much more latitude than a home owners association. The rules we work within are not bylaws crafted by a small group but rather city laws. This allows us support of various city departments to address concerns. 

Founded in 1989, the Phelps Neighborhood Association (PNA) is a not-for-profit residents association, and is an advocate, guardian, and spokesperson for the Phelps Grove neighborhood. It continually seeks to improve the neighborhood and responsibilities to the neighborhood vary from sponsoring annual "stick and leaf pickups," a neighborhood garage sale, and being involved in complicated zoning and urban planning issues.

This association is not passive when it comes to tackling problems.  PNA initiated and formed the working collaboration, that now exists between Missouri State University, the City of Springfield, and the neighborhood.  This collaboration works together toward solving many of our neighborhood issues. PNA was described by one official as being, "persistent, if not tenacious," about getting results.

Other, PNA projects have been the funding of the Dollison Avenue corridor landscape improvements, sponsoring a "somewhat" annual House Tour, and an annual Concert Series benefiting area charities.

The association is open to members of households who live within the Phelps Neighborhood.  The yearly dues are only $10. It takes everyone to make good things happen, so please join us.  To join just send us a name(s), address, and dues.

If you have any questions or want to join, please contact:

Phelps Neighborhood Association
P.O. Box 1356
Springfield, Missouri 65801-1356
To e-mail us - click here

Neighborhood Advisory Council

The Neighborhood Advisory Council, or N.A.C., is a group of representatives from Springfield city recognized neighborhood associations. N.A.C. meets once a quarter to address city-wide neighborhood concerns. This allows the city to get an overall view of its neighborhoods' health and well being.


The Phelps Grove Neighborhood TEAMS is comprised of neighbors willing to work toward bettering the quality of life in Phelps Grove through monitoring concerns within the neighborhood and working with the city to come to a resolution. As residents of the neighborhood, TEAMS has a much better perspective on neighborhood needs, and with the monthly meetings with the city, it can address these concerns in a timely manner.

These monthly meetings are generally comprised of TEAMS representatives, City Neighborhood Planning, City Planning and Zoning, Building Development Services, Springfield Police, and City Legal. Over time, TEAMS has built a strong working relationship with these city departments.