Porch Sittin'

Originally a place to cool off on hot summer days porches are still an important part of neighborhood.  Sit a spell and take load off, and wave to folks that walk by.

Before central air conditioning became standard in homes, before television and over 500 channels to entertain us, before the Internet, Wi-Fi, social media, and backyard privacy fences, we enjoyed the front porch. The front porch was a shaded place to cool off in the summer months. To catch a cool breeze when the house was too hot and the air was stagnate. Relaxing in a wicker chair at the end of a day, watching the sunset is a very easy way to unwind.

Our front porches gave us the opportunity to be with our family and friends. A place to talk about the day’s events, world or local news, or just to daydream, or perhaps read a book, watch your children or grand children play with a toy, or grab a cat nap. It was / is a central location to connect with each other without the droning distraction of the electronic media.

Being at the front of the house, we were connected to our neighbors as they went about their daily business, coming and going to work or school, or working in the yard. They afforded us the ability to talk with one another. These wonderful front porches kept us from isolating ourselves to the backyard or inside the home. They help us create a community with a neighbor out for a walk, by a simple wave, a smile, or a hello. Some you may know by name, others you can get to know.

Much has been written about the changes in our society as there are more of us we are becoming less engaged with each other and more isolated. The lack of utilization of the front porch may be a contributing factor. Front porches can help us learn how to interact with each other. This interaction may help us to be more understanding of each other’s differences as well as open us up to a different way of seeing things.

As we become more in tune with the activity of our neighborhood, we help to increase the safety and security of the neighborhood. An active and vibrant neighborhood where neighbors look out for each other tends to be less attractive to those who do not wish to be seen doing what they should not be doing.

Besides, you have already paid for the front porch through a house payment, upkeep, or rent. Get a full return on your investment. Unplug from electronic media and take advantage of an asset most of the homes in Phelps Grove have, the front porch.