The Last Detail - Part 1

Curb appeal. A term used by real estate agents and others to describe how inviting a home looks from street level.  The uniqueness of the Phelps Grove Neighborhood allows us all to highlight the individuality of our homes. Be it a large front porch, bricked walkway, or architectural details that are no longer financially feasible to modern construction techniques.

Most of our homes were built at a time when the idea of a master neighborhood plan was not used. Our neighborhood grew very organically, without a single builder and a single neighborhood vision. By having multiple builders and different architectural styles, we have avoided the cookie cutter look.

As a homeowner, we can accentuate the unique details of our homes very inexpensively.  Lawn, driveway, and sidewalk edging and mowing allow the focus to be placed on the home.  Windows with screens, and clean glass, plants, flowers and painting when necessary are all the small details which make up the larger picture.  As we each maintain and improve our own property we better our personal lot and add value to our neighborhood.