If you take an inch, better give them back a mile.

The inch we all “take” is the opportunity to live in a beautiful, historic neighborhood. The “mile’ we can give is through protection, preservation, and participation of our neighborhood.  Much like Bambino's Cafe on Delmar has done.

Bambinos Cafe on Delmar logo.png

In late 2017 the Springfield City budget had a shortfall which was going to eliminate funding for the Phelps Grove Neighborhood (PNA) annual cleanup, as well as 4 other neighborhoods. The PNA spoke with our neighbor, Bambino's Cafe on Delmar, and they graciously gave their mile by donating 20% of sales from our neighborhood dinners that happen the 3rd Tuesday of every month.

Soon, the generosity of Bambino's, along with the work of the PNA, caught the attention of Springfield city staff and City Council.  When a funding carryover became available, the PNA was able to keep the money raised through our self-funding efforts that our residents and Bambino's were working on. This will be used to fund other improvements to the Phelps Grove neighborhood.

Phelps Grove, along with the 4 other neighborhoods, now have full City funding for our 2018 cleanup.  It was this type of participation that shows the importance of our neighborhoods to city government.

How can you make a difference and work toward a better community?  Your neighbors are teachers, web designers, construction workers, artists, business people, musicians, and community leaders who all have talents to bring to the table.  By using your skill set in active participation with the neighborhood, we build a better community. This may be anything from artwork for an upcoming event, stuffing envelopes for a mailing, or working to have City Council hear our concerns. You CAN make a difference, and you should.

We'd really like to have you involved, so browse our site to learn more, and contact us for more information.