An historic and quaint neighborhood in mid-town Springfield


From early to mid-20th century cottages dripping with character to the ancient trees lining the streets and surrounding the park, a walk through Phelps Grove Neighborhood reminds one of a more peaceful and neighborly time gone by. 

Welcome to our neighborhood.



Learn about Phelps Grove Neighborhood including its neighborhood association and more.


An excellent resource of regulations & information for residents & property owners


Take Action

Join the neighborhood association and become a voice to protecting the future of Phelps Grove Neighborhood

Phelps Grove Neighborhood Cleanup Day - May 20, 2017

We're cleaning up, and it's free for PGN residents.  To learn much more, and sign up for curbside pickup if needed, see this page for all the information.  Let's work together to cleanup our neighborhood!

Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.
— Hans Christian Andersen

bee & butterfly gardens

The beauty and benefits of flowers. Learn more about how to help our friends in Phelps Grove during growing season.

the Front Porch

The front porch: A short essay about the perfect spot to catch a cool breeze and relaxing in a wicker chair at the end of a day.

Trees are a precious resource

And don't bag the leaves; mow them up for a healthier lawn!

What’s your curb appeal worth?  Trees are not only beautiful, provide much need filtration of our atmosphere, and welcome shade on a sunny summer’s day, but mature trees also add 7% - 19% to your home’s value.  That’s about $18,000 of value on a $150,000 home.  The Phelps Grove neighborhood’s charm is, perhaps more than any other single asset, based upon its beautiful old-growth canopies shading the lawns of the homes in the area.

Trees can be work with the annual raking of fall leaves, but perhaps homeowners should take note – it’s better to mow and mulch the leaves rather than rake them.  It’s true!  (read the entire blog post here)