Phelps Neighborhood Cleanup Day

video about Cleanup Day 2018

This annual event was last held May 19, 2018 from 8AM - Noon.  Learn more about this event and see photos from past cleanup days by scrolling down.

More about Cleanup day

The Phelps Grove Neighborhood Clean-up. Saturday May 19 from 8:00 AM to 12:00 Noon. On MSU Lot 18 at the corner of Grand and Dollison.  

In partnership with The City of Springfield and Community Partnership of The Ozarks, CPO, the PNA will once again be sponsoring an opportunity for our neighbors in Phelps Grove to recycle and discard unwanted items.  The response last year was fantastic and we look forward to seeing everyone again this year.

A look back at May 2017's Phelps Neighborhood Cleanup Day

volunteer and make a difference

We need your help to make a difference on cleanup day.  Can you smile and point someone to the right dumpster?  Yes? You're qualified and we could really use your help.  Cleanup day is only 4 hours and you may work as little or much as you can.

We also need a pickup truck.  What about a small trailer?  Would you help us with curbside pickup to help neighbors that are less mobile than others?  Working together as a team we can help make this neighborhood shine.

Please contact us with this simple form.  This will be sent to Eric Pauly, PNA President who will contact you.  Thank you for being there for your neighbors and neighborhood.

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Accepted Items


almost anything!

Imagine how good it will feel to get rid of all that junk lying around. And it's free!

You may throw away nearly anything including appliances, furniture, construction debris, etc., and there are separate containers for trash, limbs and brush, leaves, and yard waste. 

Note:  We cannot accept TVs

If you have any questions, please write us, and we'll be glad to get back to you right away.


electronics & TV recycling


The PNA just added a partner to our neighborhood cleanup. Complete Electronics Recycling will accept personal electronics, rechargeable batteries, (like your phone and laptop use), and computers for recycling. This is free.

Do you have an old TV or computer monitor? They can handle those too. The disposal fee is normally $20.00 for TV's and computer monitors. During our neighborhood cleanup the PNA will split the disposal fee with you. Instead of $20, you only pay $10.00 per TV or computer monitor. PNA will pick up the other $10. This is only available during the cleanup, 8:00AM to Noon Saturday May 19.

Prohibited Items

Just like the Springfield City Landfill we cannot accept any kind of hazardous waste e.g., household chemicals, oil or petroleum products, tires, paint, etc. You can learn more about Springfield's program to get rid of these type of items here.

Brush and Yard Waste Tips

  • Recycle plant waste, grass clippings, small brush, garden waste, limbs
  • All leaves must be bagged but the bag should not be tied. We'll empty the bag into a container on site.
  • Small limbs cannot be longer than four feet in length or larger than 6” across.
  • Residents must make sure the yard waste is disposed of in the proper containers.  There will be volunteers guiding you to the correct containers on Saturday morning.

Brush & Limbs

Get rid of that unsightly brush pile!

Why a Neighborhood Cleanup Day?


This won't work!

Cleanup day accepts nearly anything, but don't put it on the curb. Bring it to cleanup day!

Neighborhood cleanup events can benefit your community in many ways. The most obvious benefit is the ability to beautify your neighborhood by removing large quantities of garbage, brush, and more from the area. A secondary benefit is the ability to unite people in your neighborhood under a common purpose – an effort that provides you with the opportunity to have a positive impact on your neighborhood.

  • Health Issues. A clean neighborhood is a healthy neighborhood. We all know the hazards that outdoor clutter can create by attracting rodents, mosquitoes, feral cats, etc. These health problems are easily prevented by keeping your neighborhood clean.
  • Raise Awareness. There are many existing resources and services available in Springfield to help keep neighborhoods clean, such as the City’s Household Chemical Collection Center, the Yard Waste Recycling Center and the Recycling Hotline (417) 864-1904.
  • Quality of Life. Studies show that our surroundings have a profound impact on our well-being. A clean neighborhood, free of trash will contribute to an enhanced quality of life for residents. This can, in turn, have a positive impact on image, property values, and other social and economic aspects of your neighborhood.
  • Pride in the Neighborhood. Creating pride is something so basic, yet so important. Neighborhoods can easily fall into disrepair and despair; however, when people care, we are able to maintain and improve the place that we call home.
  • A neighborhood cleanup event brings residents together to achieve a common goal. The simple act of participation is the very foundation that strong neighborhoods are built on. Through your neighborhood cleanup, community relationships and connections will be formed that will lead to success in future endeavors and help your neighborhood to prosper.

Thanks to the Community Foundation of the Ozarks and the City of Springfield for working with us on this cleanup event.

Curbside Pickup Schedule Request


Too big? We Can Help!

For a suggested donation we'll be happy to help you with items that are too large for you to haul alone.  Fill out the form below.  Thanks!

While technically curbside pickup is free we are very limited on resources and volunteers so we encourage you to bring your items to MSU Lot 18 on Saturday between 8AM and noon.  This is located off of Dollison and Normal streets just south of Grand - the big parking lot.  

If you need help we're happy to try and accommodate.  Please note, while not required there is a suggested $20 donation to the Phelps Neighborhood Association to help offset costs related to the neighborhood cleanup day.  If you have a lot of items the donation may need to be higher.  Please contact us to determine your needs.

Thank you for making the neighborhood a better place.
Phelps Neighborhood Association